How To Insert A Dynamic Keyword Into Your Landing Page

by Joel Walters

On most major Pay Per Click platforms, there is a little known feature called “Dynamic Keyword Insertion”. Dynamic Keyword Insertion is one of those “dirty little secrets” used by PPC marketing agencies and is the cornerstone of the millions of Internet marketing eBooks written by self proclaimed “gurus”.

It also goes gangbusters on PPV landing pages. Dynamic Keyword Insertion needs to be fully understood before it can become marginally effective and when it is, it can increase your landing page click through rate massively. I’ve seen it increase CTR by 5% and more. In the right circumstances of course.

This guide will show you how to correctly implement the Dynamic Keyword Insertion feature into your landing pages.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion comes in really handy when you want that little bit of extra relevance with your targeting. When popping a landing page on a target like, you can’t claim that you are from walmart, you can say something along the lines of “ATTENTION WALMART.COM SHOPPERS! YOU’VE QUALIFIED FOR OUR SPECIAL OFFER!”.

When you’ve got a number of targets in your campaign, the keyword insertion script inserts your target URL or keyword wherever you want it for extra relevance.

hiflow marketing

An example of how you could use dynamic keyword insertion on a PPV landing page

How does it work?

The first part of this script goes directly above ALL of the code for your landing page.


//grab t202 keyword
$keyword = $_GET['t202kw'];

//if a yahoo keyword exists, over-write the t202 keyword
//for Yahoo OVKEY = the bidded keyword, OVRAW = actual keyword
//you can change $_GET['OVRAW'] to $_GET['OVKEY'] if you would
//like to display the bidded keyword, instead of the actual keyword.
if ($_GET['OVKEY']) { $keyword = $_GET['OVKEY']; }

//now anywhere we call echo $keyword, it will display the dynamic kw!

//extra goodie, uncomment the line below if you would like to capitalize
//the first character in each word
//$keyword = ucwords(strtolower($keyword));


The next part goes wherever you want the target keyword or URL to show up:

<? echo $keyword; ?>

The key to making this work is to save your landing page as a .php file.

Not a .html file. It won’t work.

So now that you’ve got the code inserted let’s test it out. Set up your tracking as normal. I use Prosper 202. You’ll have a destination URL something like this:


Just type in the target directly at the end of your densination URL and it will insert your dynamic keyword in place.


Get creative with this and you’ll be rewarded. Use it in your Headlines, body text or wherever. Test and profit!

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john November 28, 2011 at 8:58 am

Awesome info Joel. This is the best explanation I have seen yet. Very easy to follow.

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