Profitable Direct Linking Using PPV – Still Possible?

by Joel Walters

Recently I have started doing some more direct linking campaigns using Lead Impact. They are brain dead simple and take about 10 – 20 mins to set up. I’ve been doing this in the dating niche. “Oh great, another affiliate marketing retard coming into an already over-crowded niche with no creativity. Have fun draining your budget. You’d probably have more luck trying to ad an inch and a half to your schlong in 2 weeks”, (gotta love those banner ads. )

direct linking with PPV

Still Works!!

Not necessarily. You see you can still make money doing these kind of campaigns if you take a slightly different angle to everyone else. To get away from the mass crowds of affiliates I tried running international campaigns. And not just in the UK, Australia and NZ. No, I’m talking about high traffic low competition markets like Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany and Eastern European countries. Not many affiliates are targeting these countries.

There is a shit load of traffic in these countries using Lead Impact, and not much competition. On most of the targets there was VERY LITTLE to no competition. Another thing I tried doing is targeting keywords with surprising success. It is a common belief among many affiliates that targeting URLs produces a much higher ROI, but from my testing I have found that not to be true. Many of my campaigns i have started with a 50/50 mix of keywords and URLs. And in the case of direct linking campaigns in Ireland, keywords have been the best performer, producing an ROI of around 98%. Not bad for a brain dead simple campaign.

So even if you are feeling lazy it’s still possible to get some profitable campaigns going with a little “outside the box” thinking. Anything that breaks you away from the masses no matter how simple, will often pay off.

That being said I’m finding Lead Impact to be an “average” quality traffic source. And my love/hate feelings due to their constant overcharging for traffic has lead me to apply for a Traffic Vance account which is looking to be approved by next week. Oh yeah!!

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